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Smilie List

'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:turd: turd turd
:judge: The Judge The Judge
:troll: troll troll
:bs: Bulls#!t Bulls#!t
:hmmm: hmm hmm
:cody: cody cody
:jest: The Jester The Jester
:dewey: Dewey Dewey
:burn: Burnout Burnout
:sigh: Sigh Sigh
;) Winky Winky
:hail: Hail Hail
:madcat: Mad Cat Mad Cat
:guns: Guns Guns
:turd2: Turd 2 Turd 2
:cry: Cry Cry
:burnout: Shiftin' Fool Shiftin' Fool
:redneck: Redneck Redneck
:huh: Huh Huh
:( Sad Sad
:cheers: Cheers!! Cheers!!
:popcorn2: popcorn2 popcorn2
:eek2: EEK !! EEK !!
:sunot: Shit U Not Shit U Not
:angel: Angel Angel
:popcorn: popcorn popcorn
:emb: Embarassed Embarassed
:punch: Punch Punch
:devil: Devil Devil
phump peanut hump peanut hump
:D Grin Grin
:eyes: Rolleyes Rolleyes
:pimp: The Pimp The Pimp
:hack: Hack Job Hack Job
:bang: Bang Head Bang Head
swingit Swing It! Swing It!
:nod: Nod Nod
:deadhorse: Beat Dead Horse Beat Dead Horse
:barf: Barf Barf
:confused: Confused Confused
:mad: MAD MAD
:challenge: Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted
:search: Use Search Use Search
:nut: Nut Swinger Nut Swinger
:chewie: Chewie Chewie
:poke: 1poke 1poke
:fuckyea: Fuck Yea Fuck Yea
:321: 321 321
:shrug: shrug shrug
:argh: Argh Argh
:getmoney: Get Money Get Money
:aug2: Aug2 Aug2
:pedobear: Pedo Bear Pedo Bear
:bash: Bash Bash
:read: Read/Deal Read/Deal
:bat_angel Bat Angel Bat Angel
:humping: Humping Humping
:biggrinan Biggrinangel Biggrinangel
:iranmaybe: Iran Maybe Iran Maybe
:bigun2: Bigun2 Bigun2
:boiling: Boiling Boiling
:| Icon Neutral Icon Neutral
:alone: Alone Alone
:bored: Bored Bored
:yuno: Yuno Yuno
:dark: Dark Dark
:disgust: Disgust Disgust
:doublepuk Doublepuke Doublepuke
:rockon: Rock on Rock on
:fart: Fart Fart
:flipbird: Flipbird Flipbird
:fluffy: Fluffy Fluffy
:guns: Guns Guns
:rocking: Rocking Rocking
:secret2: Secret2 Secret2
:think: Think Think
:hal: Hal Hal
:headbang: Headbang Headbang
:smokin: Icon Smokin Icon Smokin
:drool: Icondrool Icondrool
:kali: Kali Kali
:kiss: Kiss Kiss
:wrist: Limpwrist Limpwrist
:metoo: Metoo Metoo
:moon: Moon Moon
:chug: Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
:admin: Admin Admin
:newbie: Newbie Newbie
:nono: Nono Nono
:pissed: Pissed Pissed
:flipeye: Pokeeye Pokeeye
:rice Ricesmiley Ricesmiley
:nunchuk: Nunchuk Nunchuk
:rock: Rock Rock
:rotflmao: Rotflmao Rotflmao
:scream: Scream Scream
:shakinass Shakinass Shakinass
:shiner: Shiner Shiner
:laser: Smilylazer Smilylazer
:smokin2: Smokin Smokin
:spam: Spam Spam
:stupid: Stupid Stupid
:secret: Secret Secret
:supergay: Supergay Supergay
:suspiciou Suspicious Suspicious
:takethat: Takethat Takethat
:funny: Thatfunny Thatfunny
:thefinger Thefinger Thefinger
:thinker: Thinker Thinker
:engarde: Engarde Engarde
:loco: Crazy Crazy
:buttkick: Buttkick Buttkick
:007: Bond Bond
:naughty: Naughty Naughty
:shocked: Zx11shocked Zx11shocked
:owned: Owned Owned
:whip: Whip Whip
:soapbox: Soapbox Soapbox
:wavey: Wavey Wavey
:chuck-bal Chuck Ball Chuck Ball
:violin: Violen Violen
:werd: Werd Werd
:upyours: Upyours Upyours
:sucks: Thread Thread
:twak: Twak Twak
:nutkick: Nutkick Nutkick
:thumbsdow Thumbsdown Thumbsdown
:givesfuck Givesfuck Givesfuck
:thumb: Thumb Thumb
:needpics: Need pics! Need pics!
:rolleyes: Icon Rolleyes Icon Rolleyes
:eek: Icon Eek Icon Eek
:wave-fing Wave Finger Wave Finger
:joecool: Icon Cool Icon Cool
:confused: Icon Confused Icon Confused
:lol: Icon Lol Icon Lol
:mad2: Icon Mad Icon Mad
:twisted: Icon Twisted Icon Twisted
:razz: Icon Razz Icon Razz
:evil: Icon Evil Icon Evil
:zzz: Sleepy Sleepy
:cool: Mr. Cool Mr. Cool
:P Tongue Tongue
:) Happy Happy
:gruffy: Gruffy Gruffy
:drive: Driving Driving
:hump: Leghump Leghump
:wrongforu Wrongforum Wrongforum
:gay: Gay!! Gay!!
:playboy: ReadPB ReadPB
:offtopic: Offtopic Offtopic
:lurk: Lurk Lurk
:ripped: Ripped Ripped
:bomb: Bomb Bomb
:usa: The Patriot !! The Patriot !!