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best ways to improve mpg on a 2500 chevy 6.0

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Default best ways to improve mpg on a 2500 chevy 6.0

i just got an 05 chevy 2500 crew cab 4x4 with a 6.0. it has 70k on it and its getting 10 mpg around town im not looking to get 20mpg but i would like to improve what i have. what have u guys done that u feel was worth the money. thanks for any info guys
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Cold air kit, tune it to make sure its burning all the fuel, and a good muffler. This all helps with mileage but hurts just as bad because it is hard to keep your foot out of it!!!
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You know I am looking at getting into this myself. I have a set of 317 heads that I have to clean up. Guys always say you cant get MPG's out of these trucks and that is my goal. Plan is to do all the port work and new valves in the heads to get them to become more efficient. That along with a new cam in the 210 range. I haven't spec'd it fully but that is what i am looking at. Then a good tune I think this motor can be very efficient. The heads look good already they just need a little help to become even more efficient. I am doing all the work myself and end goal is to spend around $1000, will probably go over with the tune, but it is still cheaper then buying the diesel for now and I like the idea of a challenge.
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i have a 05 2500hd 6.0 ccsb it has 285/70/17's and 4:10 gears and i tried to get better mpg i had some luck. not much. first i did the k&n cold air. no real mpg to claim but seemed to run alittle better from the middle and up and sounded cool. then i started using synthetic oil. still not really seeing much. maybe .5 mpg from both together. i then tried the diablo sport predator tuner. yep that helped. added about 2mpg highway from the 87 tune on highway. but maybe only .5 around town. i can feel adifference from about mid on up. still a turd pulling out. then i added a magnaflo cat back exhaust. it the dual in dual out kit. sounds decent but alittle to loud for me and still no mpg change that i noticed. around town stop and go through city im around 10. backroads im at 11 and highway/turnpike i can see 15.5mpg if i keep it around 65 or less. over 65 and 70 it starts dropping. and there arent many roads flat roads here like other states. i bet if i was on some nice flat highway i could claim another 1 or 2 more

i do alot of towing. alot. and as soon as i hook the trailers up the mpg drops a good bit. i pull a landscape trailer everyday with it, and pull either my 19' boat or out 30' camper every couple weekends. so im almost always towing. the landscape trailer drops it to about 9 around town and a backroads and the camper fully loaded drops it to 8-9 on the turnpike not driving conservatively.

im thinking of trying a cam change that will give a good increase of torque in the lowend and get a real tune for it in the near future.

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ya mine is all stock 2005 ccsb 6.0 with 285/75/16s and around town im at 10mpg and 13 on the highway but we will see how this goes as i make changes to this pig.
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i have a 05 6.0 and i have installed a k&n intake hypertech programmer it has dual strait pipes with an x pipe the cats are still on it and i can get 15 mpgs on a trip if i drive it rightbut i tow with it most of the time a 10000ib camper or a pulling tractor which weighs around 14000ib and i get about 9-11 depending on terrain
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Custom tune from one of our sponsors will be your best bet for sure
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Originally Posted by dmelvin View Post
Custom tune from one of our sponsors will be your best bet for sure
Who's good with the 6 speed auto tunes? I'm going to be in Rock Port for 3 weeks to work at Cooper Station. Flying in tomorrow. What is there to do?
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When I first bought my 06 used, completely stock with 36k on it, I was getting 11-11.5. With an intake, exhaust, and a tune, I'm getting 12-12.5 on average, and up to 13 if I baby it. This is all hand calculated. When I had it tuned, I had the settings for the e-fan turned on. That's my next mod and I hope to pick up a little more mpg's with that.
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i got 16.1 mpg on my trip last weekend.Thats the best I've gotten so far,around town I get 13 to 14 mpg.My truck is a 01 eclb 2wd hd 4.10s with 285s.Black Bear tune.I was only running 70 so I know that helped.I got some new tires yesterday, still 285s but less aggresive so that should help a little more.I know a some dmax and powerstroke guys that are not getting any better.
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